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Are you a New Trader with ACFX?

ACFX gives you a unique opportunity to receive a Bonus as a reward for becoming our client. Open a new account and receive trading credits instantly after depositing the funds.

The exclusive Bonus varies depending on the amount you deposit:


Deposit Bonus
$200-$499 10%
$500+ 30%


* Terms and conditions apply


Bonus Conditions

1. Only applicable to accounts with no previous deposits.
2. Minimum eligible deposit to receive the bonus is $200.
3. Bonus for first deposit up to a max of $3,000.
4. Bonus will be credited to the account upon email request to bonus@acfx.com
5. Bonus may only be given once per Customer (not per account)
6. The Bonus will be held solely for trading and cannot be withdrawn by the Client
7. First deposit Bonus is not valid if the deposit is made through an internal transfer
8. If the Client starts trading before he requests his Bonus, the Client will not be entitled to the Bonus
9. Bonus is only applicable to Classic & VIP Accounts and does not include STP accounts.
10. The company has the right at any time to remove the bonus from the account at its own discretion if the trader tries to arbitrage the bonus, or manipulate the bonus system/campaign. If ACFX suspects that a participant has abused the fair rules of the Bonus by hedging his positions internally (using other trading accounts held with ACFX) or externally (using other trading accounts held with other brokers), then ACFX reserves the right to immediate reverse the granted bonus from the Client’s trading account without the consent of the Clients.
11. ACFX reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual that ACFX suspects misuses or attempts to misuse the Promotion, or breaches the present Terms and Conditions and/or any of ACFX’s Business Terms.
12. Bonus is provided to client as a benefit for the purpose of extra leverage, sustaining and supporting positions during volatility and to allow client to open extra positions. At all times ACFX retains full rights to the Bonus and to any financial benefits derived as result of the bonus and which are not considered as part of the balance of the client. Consequently at the time the client requests a withdrawal ACFX at its sole discretion has the right to remove from the equity of the account the amount of Bonus given or the amount of benefit gained from the use of the bonus calculated in relation of the bonus to the client’s original equity at time of deposit as follows:

Benefit Gained = (Equity at time of Withdrawal/Original Equity)X Bonus

Benefit Gained will always be deducted first from the Bonus (Credit) and the remaining from the balance.

Example 1

Client Deposits 5000 USD.
ACFX provides bonus (credit) 1500
Total Equity 6500 USD.
Client trades and requests withdrawal of 8000 USD
Equity of Account at withdrawal is 13000 (1500 bonus + 11500 Balance)

Benefit Gained = (13000/6500)X Bonus = 3000 USD

Account Available Balance = 13000 (1500 bonus + 11500 Balance) – 3000 (Benefit Gained) = 10000 (1500 bonus removed and 1500 Balance removed)
Balance remaining after withdrawal = 10000 – 8000 = 2000 USD

Example 2

Client Deposits 5000 USD.
ACFX provides bonus (credit) 1500
Total Equity 6500 USD.
Client trades and requests withdrawal of 1000 USD
Equity of Account at withdrawal is 3250 (1500 bonus + 1750 Balance)

Account Available Balance = 3250(1500 bonus + 1750 Balance) – 1500 Bonus = 1750 (1500 bonus removed)
Balance remaining after withdrawal = 1750 – 1000 = 750 USD